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Oconee River Greenway

The Oconee River Greenway Park and Riverwalk provides the city of Milledgeville and Baldwin County with a safe and beautiful area to walk, jog, bicycle, relax and enjoy the beauty and sounds of the Oconee River. The Greenway offers multiple individual fishing stations and a boat ramp as well as multi-use trails. a dog park, and stage for events. Most importantly, the Greenway helps to protect middle Georgia’s greatest resource, the Oconee River, for future generations. Please consider becoming a Partner with the Greenway and support our events, improvements, and expansion.

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The Oconee River Greenway Foundation serves to obtain resources and cultivate friends to support the Greenway.

To be a good steward of a natural environment that provides for recreation, solitude, and a community gathering space next to a river that flows through Baldwin County and Milledgeville’s past, present, and future.


  • Stewardship – We treasure a natural resource and promote the enhancement, preservation, and economic value of the Oconee River Corridor.
  • Memory – We value local history by caring for community memories and the river’s archaeological and natural sites.
  • Community – We respect the historic importance of a river as a public gathering space to celebrate life together and gather as a community.
  • Health – We want citizens and visitors to care for themselves through exercise and contemplation.



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Oconee River Greenway Foundation
P.O. Box 1831
Milledgeville GA 31061